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The Triology

Sneak Peak #1

Kids Edition 


Clior Larni 

Young Adults Edition


Bold Women Leaders

Signature Book                      


Bold Leadership 

What You'll Learn

Focus #1

Early nourishing of emotional intelligence and identity to power inclusiveness, diversity, Leadership and courage in children early on. Helping parents to do this in a fun way.

Focus #2

Helping young women lead and take up space. Pioneering new faces and voices of leadership to steer representation. Bringing young women to the forefront.

Focus #3

Signature book redefining the frameworks of leadership as we know it today. Showing you new ways and a Mindset shift that will power diverse teams to navigate and lead differenty.

About Author

This book triology is to all women and men , mothers, fathers, Daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, friends and allies that want to make more impact and power more women and marginalized groups.  


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