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    Reflections package


    Lets do this journey together!

    Have some guides for you to trigger some reflections and build up your emotional muscles as you go through this journey to being a bold woman.

    May these Cards be your sparring partner


    Clior Larni

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    Bring clarity and take charge 

    Have you ever felt triggered, disconnected or wasn’t able to define how you were feeling and hence were not clear on your needs and wants to drive your circles and key relationships?

    Now you can have a full guided fun 1st Edition ( 2021) digital package cards and guide to gain awareness and bring clarity to you and your fellow sisters! It includes

    • 54 Self Reflections
    • BONUS Log

    Additional information

    Weight 2 kg
    Dimensions 2 × 4 × 5 cm


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    Hey Sis, Join us on that journey to dicover your balance power and freedom